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EUC is an acronym for End-User Certificate.

The EUC is a certificate exclusively issued by the Office of the National Security Adviser, (NSA) and it is used in international transfers, including sales of chemicals, weapons, and ammunition to certify that the buyer is the final recipient of the materials, and is not planning on transferring the materials to another party without the prior written consent of the issuing authority.

EUCs are required by the Federal Government to restrict the flow of controlled items to undesired destinations, such as embargoed states or rebel groups, governments with bad human rights records or states which are considered a threat by the original supplier of the items.



Controlled items are components, chemicals or materials placed under the direct control of an authorized agency because of its classified or harmful nature. Any importation involving any of the controlled items must be approved by the office of the NSA before they are commenced. List of controlled items are:

  • Arms and ammunition of all kinds (lethal and non-lethal);
  • Parts and accessories for all military armaments and hardware such as guns, armored tanks, ships and aircrafts;
  • Uniforms, web equipment and accoutrement for security forces;
  • Explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnics for celebrations, military purposes and construction works;
  • All forms of chemicals, fertilizers and materials used for explosives;
  • All forms of bullet proof materials including vest, ballistics materials, vehicles and bullion vans as well as Hand and Leg Cuff, Police Baton, Riot Crowd Control Devices, Pepper Sprayer, Explosive Detectors, Metal Detectors, Security Doors, Narcotic Detectors, Bar Light, Mail and Baggage Scanners, Stunner and Electric Baton etc.;
  • Other items as could be specifically determined e.g. cash printing machines;
  • Items which the exporting country require the EUC irrespective of the items listed above.



Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, and Marketers of controlled items are required to apply for and obtain an End-User Certificate from the NSA.

The EUC application should be done prior to the importation of the controlled item in order to avoid detention and seizure of goods at the port of clearing by the Nigerian Customs service.



  • In other to be eligible, every prospective applicant must be duly registered with the End User Certificate Issuance and Management System (ECIMS) for free;
  • Fill in the description of goods;
  • State the purpose of usage of the controlled Item in the application
  • Attach all valid documentation; and in the event of expired documents, the Applicant must attach a valid covering letter.
  • The hard copies of all attached documents must be provided for sighting before the collection of certificates.

There have been several cases of falsification and forgery of the EUC, it is therefore advisable to engage the services of a consultant, who is not only vast and knowledgeable in EUC applications but will equally ensure a flawless application.

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